Worx Clamping Sawhorses & Pegasus Work Table

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WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs – WX051

Meet your new favorite workhorse, the Pegasus. This multi-function work table and sawhorse with quick clamps and holding pegs can support up to 300 lbs as a table, and up to 1,000 lbs as a sawhorse! The legs lock into place and are made of tough molded ABS with steel supports, and the non-slip feet stay in place on both grass and pavement. Yet the Pegasus itself is only 25 lbs, so you can fold it up and carry it anywhere, or keep it in the back of the truck. The integrated clamping system exerts up to 300 lbs of force to keep your project firmly in place, and has a max clamping width of 18 ¼”. And the clamp dog pegs allow you to secure round and oddly shaped materials. This table is 31” x 25” and is a standard 32” high, so it can be linked up with our other Worx tables, and other Pegasuses, to make a longer, fully-functional work table. (Link locks are included.) And the folding tray at the base is designed to hold tools, power strips, or anything you need on the job. The Pegasus is tough and solid enough to be a permanent work table or sawhorse but built to be portable, so you can take it from job to job, or from the basement to the garage without a problem. And it folds down to a depth of only 5”, so it’s easy to store when you’re not going to be using it for a while.

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks – WX065

Durable but light, easy to transport, yet can support up to 1,000 lbs as a pair. These Worx Clamping Sawhorses with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf, and Cord Hooks can hold and clamp almost anything and go almost anywhere. They’re only 4 lbs a piece (that’s a far cry from old, heavy, wooden sawhorses) so you can run them up and down the stairs or toss them in the trunk. 27” x 5” x 32”, the same height as our other work tables, so you can use them all on the same project. And they fold up into just 2.5” deep, so they’ll store anywhere. The integrated clamps are like an extra set of hands and lockdown on the material with up to 300 lbs of force, and have a maximum clamping width of 18”. The clamps are detachable, so you can use them both horizontally and vertically or take them off to use on a different project entirely. There’s a shelf built-in to the base to set tools, accessories, or power strips, and cord hooks on the side let you manage your cables to keep you from tripping. Plus, a 2-inch wide indentation on the top is there to hold plywood, particleboard, and other sheet goods. These clamping sawhorses make great gifts for new homeowners or DIY enthusiasts because they’re ideal for woodworking. And the lightweight yet sturdy design makes them popular amongst people who just don’t like lugging heavy equipment around.

About this item

  • Product 1: [WORKTABLE & SAWHORSE] Holds up to 300 lbs. as a work table, supports 1,000 lbs. as a sawhorse. And it’s easy to transition between the two
  • Product 1: [CUSTOM CLAMPS] Two quick clamps are integrated and stay attached even when you fold the table into a sawhorse. Because they’re designed specifically for the Pegasus, they’ll be stronger and last longer
  • Product 1: [LIGHT AND STURDY] It’s only 25 lbs., and its foldable design makes it easy to move and store
  • Product 1: [CONNECT MULTIPLE TABLES] Create a whole work counter when you link 3 or more Pegasus’ together. Whether your worksite or workshop is spacious or tight, this building solution expands or contracts to fit your needs
  • Product 2: [CUSTOM MADE CLAMPS] These two sawhorses come with integrated bar clamps to fasten big or small projects securely in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Product 2: [LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO MOVE] At only 4 lbs. each, you can toss them into the back of a vehicle or store them in the corner in-between projects
  • Product 2: [SUPPORTS 1000 LBS] And the clamps provide up to 300 lbs. of pressure. Hold heavy projects securely in place for as long as you need
  • Product 2: [STORAGE SHELF] On the bottom of these sawhorses we’ve made a place to hold a power strip or supplies. Give your workspace an extra shelf or more storage
Pegasus folds easily and quickly into a form that’s made to be carried 30 lbs is light a sawhorse

Collapsible and Lightweight

Pegasus folds easily and quickly into a form that’s made to be carried. And 30 lbs is light for a sawhorse. If you work in a lot of places, Pegasus is the table and sawhorse for you.

As a worktable, Pegasus can support up to 300 lbs, but folded into a sawhorse, hold up to 1000 lbs

High Load Capacity

As a worktable, Pegasus can support up to 300 lbs, but folded down into a sawhorse, it can hold up to 1000 lbs. It may be light, but it’s engineered to be sturdy.