Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Translator Device – Bidirection Simultaneous Translation, Language Translator Device with 40 Languages & 93 Accent Online, Translator Earbuds with APP, Fit for iOS & Android

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  • Bidirection Simultaneous Translation:WT2/W3 Edge translator device offers true two-way simultaneous translation by using wifi or cellular network. With Timekettle WT2/W3 Edge language translator, you can speak non-stop and translation will be played in other person's ear in as little as 0.5 seconds, highly improving communication efficiency - the way conversations were meant to be. No more awkward pauses, only fast and accurate translations, so you can immerse yourself in the art of conversation
  • High Accuracy and Smart Noise Reduction: WT2/W3 Edge language translator device is powered by world’s multiple leading translation engines (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, etc) and Timekettle own. WT2/W3 Edge translator earbuds use these engines' strength and combine them to deliver a truly world-class translation experience. To make translation even more accurate, WT2/W3 Edge earbuds use smart noise-reduction to filter out distracting background noise, ensuring the message isn’t muddied
  • Easy Connection with 4 Modes: The connection of WT2/W3 Edge instant translator got much easier. Simul Mode: Share one translation earbuds with your partner, and both of your words will be translated into bi-directional communication. Touch Mode: Tap the force sensor to activate voice pick-up, touch again to translate. Speaker mode: 1 earbud + 1 APP. Only one person needs to wear the real time translator. Group chat: supports 40 people speaking 40 languages at most in the same chat group remotely
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Design and Ultra Battery Life: The Edge voice translators are 46% lighter than the last-gen wt2 plus translator earbuds and 33% smaller. It is suitable to sit snug in your ears for hours on end by adopting ergonomic design. WT2/W3 Edge pocket translator supports 3 hours of nonstop translating time on a single charge. And a full 12 hours with the portable charging case, meaning you'll have enough battery to power a full week of work or a short trip abroad on a single charge
  • Multilingual Online & Offline Translation: Timekettle WT2/W3 Edge portable language translator supports 40 languages and 93 accents. Wherever you go, you can put your best foot forward and know there's no conversation you cannot handle. Also, Edge spanish translator device equips with 8-language offline translation package: from Chinese to English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, Russian and German, from English to Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean,Chinese, Russian and German without network

Words TraveL Worlds, We Do the Driving—Timekettle WT2 Edge Lanuage Translator Device

We live in the era of fast and easy communication. And yet when it comes to translation, most of us are lagging well behind the times.

Now, we're bringing you the WT2 Edge pocket translator, the world’s innovative truly bi-directional simultaneous translation earbuds, translating in real-time as you speak and delivering it to your listener's ear in as fast as 0.5 seconds.

Configuration Requirements:Bluetooth ≧ V5.0, IOS ≧V12, Android ≧ V7

language translator real-time instant voice translator device timekettle earbuds wt2 edge

40 Languages & 93 Accents

WT2 Edge translator earbuds support 40 languages and 93 accents. So no matter where you go, you can put your best foot forward knowing there’s no situation or conversation you cannot handle.

With 15 servers worldwide, WT2 Edge instant translator can deliver you completely fast translations possible, bringing you professional-level translations to help your board meetings and client sit-downs go smoothly.


Bidirection Simultaneous Translation

So far, many language translators were a lot like old-fashioned walkie-takies. The translations worked, however the conversation was anything but natural. Now with Timekettle WT2 language translator, those days are over and it's always your turn to speak.

AS the world's truly innovative bi-directional, simultaneous translation earbuds, WT2 Edge voice translator delivers real-time two-way translations for natural conversation in up to 40 different languages. Timekettle is invariably in the business of breaking down language barriers and never stop. We hope you are, too.

Please kindly note that the bidirection simultaneous translation only can be used in Simul mode, not in Touch or Speaker mode.

WT2 Edge instant translator device

Noise Reduction and Clear Voice Pick-up with High Accuracy

The WT2 Edge translators devices for all languages know your voice is unique. That's why it uses dual beamforming microphones and directional voice recognition to focus on the sound of your voice, separating it from other voices nearby. So you can talk freely on the noisy street and your message will come cross clear.

Powered by world's multiple leading translation engines (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, etc) and Timekettle own, Edge voice translator takes the advantage of all these engines and combines them to deliver a truly world-class comprehensive translation experience, which is a truly accesible translating earbuds for smashing language barriers, travelling, business, learning or other daily use.