RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK100 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth5.1/2.4G/Wired 96% Full Size 100-Key Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard with 3 USB Ports, Red Switch for Mac Windows, Carbon

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About this item

  • 【Full Size Mechanical Keyboard】RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK100 is a wireless mechanical keyboard with compact 100 keys. A 96% full size body can be solid, stable and durable during gaming or working. Especially suitable for the mechanical keyboard starters.
  • 【3 Modes Connectivity】This mechanical keyboard includes 2.4GHz wireless, Type-C-USB 2.0 wired and bluetooth 5.1 modes. Be equipped with a 2.4GHz dongle(adaptor); Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth; N-key rollover (NKRO) in the wired mode, all 100 keys are conflict free.
  • 【Hot-swappable Switches】 RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK100 can be hot swapped at wish and replaced by all of MX-similar mechanical switches(including Gateron, Cherry, etc.), supporting hot swap of 3-pin/5-pin switches. Available in blue/brown/red switch.
  • 【3 USB Ports】This hot swappable keyboard is armed with a 3750mAh large battery and geared with 2 built-in USB pass-through ports and 1 Type-C port, this 96% keyboard is allowed to back up more facilities and works for long-time gaming/working.
  • 【All Keys Programmable】This bluetooth mechanical keyboard is attached with a newly-developed software that you can customize the lighting modes, macro keys and using scenarios. Find the latest software link under the part of “Product Description”.RK

Hot-swap Blue Switch: The blue switch offers “clicky” tactile feedback that certainly works for gamers or those who are in favor of the clicky feeling of typing.

Hot-swap Brown Switch: It is lighter, quieter, and easier to trigger than blue switches. It is suitable for the starters of a mechanical keyboard.

Hot-swap Red Switch: The linear switch offers smoother, quieter, and faster tactile feedback than brown switches, making it especially popular among gamers. And the red switch is the best switch that can be used in the office.

Trigger Force: Blue>Brown=Red

Tactile Feedback(Sound): Blue>Brown>Red

Mechanical keyboard

  • Bluetooth mode: You can connect 3 devices at the same time, convenient and fast. Turn “G” to "B", ''OFF'' to ''ON'', it will be in Bluetooth mode("FN+Q/W/E" to connect the Bluetooth device).
  • 2.4GHz wireless mode: Plug and play;power saving than Bluetooth;it is suitable for computers without Bluetooth.(Make sure "B" to "G", ''OFF'' to ''ON'', and then plug the 2.4G adapter, it will be in 2.4G mode.) Long press FN+''P'' until the light blinks, and then you can pair a new dongle.
  • Type-C USB wired mode: The wired connection mode is stable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about the game being offline when without power.(make sure ''ON'' to ''OFF'').

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