RHINO USA Folding Survival Shovel w/Pick – Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Military Style Entrenching Tool for Off Road, Camping, Gardening, Beach, Digging Dirt, Sand, Mud & Snow.

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About this item

  • Folding survival shovel w/ pick - heavy duty carbon steel military style entrenching tool for off road, camping, gardening, beach, digging dirt, sand, mud & snow
  • Support a small family co. - buy from a father/son business in california
  • Military style e-tool - 2lbs of powder coated carbon steel, tough pickax & sharp rugged saw teeth.
  • Compact & portable - full 23" long extended but only 9" x 6" when folded into included carry case.
  • Multi-functional - shovels = great garden tools, backpacking gear and metal detector accessories.
rhino usa folding shovel multipurpose features
rhino usa folding shovel collapsible compact design
rhino usa folding shovel superior build quality
The shovel head features a sawtooth edge for cutting, and can be used as a hoe/pick when rotated 90 degrees. Perfect for off-roading, camping, gardening, etc.
Compact Design to utilize the full 23” long extended shovel while still being able to collapse down to 9” when you’re ready to store it.
Constructed with heavy-duty powdercoated carbon steel, our military-style entrenching tool can handle anything you throw at it!