OrCam MyEye Pro – The Most Advanced Wearable Assistive Device for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Featuring Smart Reading, Face Recognition, Color & Product Identification, Orientation (beta) & More

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OrCam MyEye is now available to buy online with FREE shipping, 30 days money back guarantee and FREE online training. The device is the most advanced wearable assistive technology device for the blind and visually impaired, that reads texts, recognizes faces, identifies products, and more. What is OrCam MyEye? OrCam MyEye, the most advanced wearable assistive technology, provides independence by allowing access to visual information, conveyed by audio, on a tiny camera that can be attached to any pair of eyeglasses. Using Artificial Intelligence, it reads text, recognizes faces, and identifies products. Does OrCam MyEye improve my eyesight? OrCam MyEye increase independence by allowing individuals to access to visual information (text, faces, products, colors), conveyed by audio. It will not improve a person’s vision. Can anyone use OrCam MyEye? OrCam MyEye allows the user to access visual information, conveyed by audio. Hearing-impaired individuals would not be able to benefit from the device. OrCam MyEye also requires the user to have full control over their head and hand movements. Does it work on macular degeneration, glaucoma, dyslexia, etc.? OrCam MyEye can help people with a variety of needs and is suitable for all eye conditions and all levels of vision loss. OrCam MyEye also benefits people with reading fatigue and reading difficulties. **Please Note: OrCam devices require the user to have control of their head and hands and be able to hear (with or without hearing aids)
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  • WE CREATE WEARABLE ASSISTIVE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) DEVICES THAT CHANGES LIVES - With OrCam MyEye, you will finally be able to enjoy the morning paper, read the books you love, and even get back to work. Recognising the faces of your loved ones and shopping independently will become second nature. Please note: OrCam MyEye will enable you to access visual information, audibly. It will not Improve eyesight
  • OrCam MyEye is a lightweight smart camera that attaches to virtually any glasses frame. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, it instantly and discreetly reads printed and digital text aloud from any surface, recognises faces, products, money notes and more, all in real-time
  • TENS OF THOUSANDS OF USERS WORLDWIDE - OrCam MyEye is used in over 40 countries and 20 languages. The world’s most advanced, yet intuitive, the wearable assistive device is improving lives at all ages
  • Named one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 inventions of 2019, and featured on Dr. Phil and STEVE, this intuitive device is operated by using simple hand gestures and has more than 20 voice-activated commands (voice commands available on English version only). It can be used with any level of vision loss and does not require an internet connection
  • Free OrCam online video tutorials and user support. When purchasing, the language installed on the device is dependent on the region you are purchasing from. If you would like a different language, please contact us