NEBO Mycro Rechargeable LED Keychain Light | Key Ring Flashlight Features 6 Light Modes,

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About this item

  • Nylon Lanyard
  • Imported
  • Safely Walk Around Campus, To Your Car After Work Or Around The Block With Your Dog At Night Time; When You Are Exercising In The Evening You Will Pick Your Favorite Setting So You Are Able To Be Seen By Other Walkers/Joggers And Drivers; If You Feel Threatened Simply Press The Red Nebo Logo And It Will Provide You With 400 Lumens Of Super Bright Light That Would Identify And Could Easily Stop Any Threat Or Aggressor In Its Tracks; Shine Some Light On Your Surroundings Whenever You Need To
  • Simple Two Button Operation That Wont Cycle In Your Pocket Due The Stiffness Of The Buttons; You Will Use The Solid Black Button With The Power Logo Cycle Through High, Medium, Low, Red And Green Modes; You Will Press The Nebo Logo To Access The 400 Lumen Turbo Mode; It Is Not Any Fun To Carry Your Flashlight And Think It Is Ready To Go At The Exact Moment That You Need It, Only To Find Out The Batteries Died While It Was Cycled On Inside Of Your Pocket Or Purse; Our Stiff Buttons Prevent That
  • High Lumens With Long Lasting Battery Life So You Have When You Need It Most; Nebo Mycro Ranges In Power And Battery Life In Accordance To The Mode That You Are Running; You Have The Option Of Low Power Light So You Can Investigate That Weird Noise You Just Heard In The Other Room, Or To Find Your Childs Favorite Toy They Lost Under The Couch, To A High Power Blinding Light For Stopping A Possible Aggressor; Be Confident Knowing That You Have The Power Of Light Whenever You Need It Most
  • Do Not Stress About Having To Buy Some Odd Size Battery, It Comes With A Rechargeable One; After A Full Day Of Use You Will Recharge The Nebo Mycro Overnight So It Is Ready For Another Day; When You Use It At Work Or On The Go, You Will Simply Recharge It Via The Included Micro Usb Cable Which Can Be Plugged Into Any Usb Port On A Power Bank, Computer Or Wall Adapter; You Are Now Freed Up From Stressing About Running Out Of Batteries Or Having To Go Out And Buy New Ones