Morninghead Cap – Bed Head Cure (Morning Head)

  • Price : 10.99
Mornings Suck. Often times you don't need a shower (ex. you showered last night), but your bed head makes you look like Gary Busey. Societal pressures would say take another shower. No time for that; and unless you had a sweaty night terror, you're still clean. But you do need to wet your hair to look like a respectable member of society. So what do you do? You're pretty clever so you wet your head in the sink. Or maybe you're cutting edge and you stick just your head under the shower. Whatever your method, let's be honest - Water gets everywhere, you rarely get the back of your head and your hair is now just a different kind of mess. When you're a morning zombie, you need all the help you can get. Morninghead is about to change all of that for you. To use Morninghead, simply add water to it, put it on your head, and seconds later your hair is completely wet. No mess, bed head's gone. Take control of your mornings. Get Morninghead today.
  • Cures Bed Head in Seconds
  • Perfect for night showerers, helmet hair, hat hair and nap hair
  • Reusable, Washable, Awesome
  • Wet your hair Instantly, style your hair in seconds