Jayflex Fitness – CrossGrips – Door Pull-up Bar Handles – Doorframe Pullup Bar – Home and Travel Doorway Gym – Smart Clamp Adjustable – Portable

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About this item

  • DOOR REQUIREMENTS: Turns nearly any doorway into a personal gym. [IMPORTANT] However, check to make sure your door molding is between 2"-4" high and the wall + trim thickness 4.5"-7.5".
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Ready in under 15 seconds. No tools required. No screws. And no damage.
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, and more. Narrow, wide, and neutral grip positions.
  • QUALITY: Sturdy stainless steel frame. Holds up to 250 lbs.
  • INNOVATIVE: Patented Spring Loaded Clamp to securely attach to nearly any door.

CrossGrips by JAYFLEX

CrossGrips patented design provides an easy-to-attach portable gym that delivers a powerful workout. Being this compact allows you to keep your workout with you wherever you go. At home, on the road, or your in-laws basement, never miss a workout when you have CrossGrips.



No tools required, no screws, and no taking time away from your workout.



Patent pending internal spring clamp locks CrossGrips onto the door-frame. Unlike other door way pull-up bars, these won't fall off.

CrossGrips fit any door


With two handles, you can use CrossGrips on nearly any door-frame. Take your workout with you.

Weight limit


Stainless steel frame is extremely durable and safe. Premium materials make a premium product.

The swiss army knife of fitness.

Total upper body workout.

Pushups, L-sits, parallettes, dips, sit-ups and more. CrossGrips can give you a complete upper body workout. Never has so much been packed into something so compact.

CrossGrips Pushups

Technical Specifications

Door Measurement Requirements

Door Measurement Requirements

CrossGrips fit nearly any door. However just to be certain, please measure your door to make sure they fit. If your door is wider or taller than the measurements, check out our new version, RYZE-UPS, that is designed for bigger doors.

weight limit

Weight Limit

CrossGrips are made with an extremely durable stainless steel frame to give you max strength. To protect your doors, we recommend a 250 lb weight limit per set.