Imperial Spherificator Automatic Edible Food Pearl/Caviar Former for Modernist Cooking Techniques

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Product Description

Bring your dinner parties to the next level with the brand new Spherificator. It allows you to turn virtually any liquid into caviar-shaped pearls! The Spherificator is the world's first automatic pearl former - a hand-held device that will produce up to 10kg of pearls every day. This is a great tool for foodies, chefs, bartenders, and anyone who loves to entertain!

From the Manufacturer

Perfect for Dinner Parties
Let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of ingredients and recipes you will now be able to enhance for your guests.
Say goodbye to Gastronomy Syringes
Amaze your friends with your ability to harness the reverse spherification technique with ease. For you gastronomists who have already tried this, say goodbye to your syringes as the Spherificator makes the process incredibly fast and consistent.

Let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of ingredients and recipes you will now be able to enhance for your guests.
The world's only automatic caviar & pearl making device for the chef and foodie in you. You are limited only by your imagination!
Included In Every Kit: One Spherificator, 1 x 110V power plug, 70g of Sodium Alginate, 100g of Calcium Chloride, 100g of Sodium Citrate, 2 nozzles, User Guide & Recipe Book. 100g of Sodium Alginate & Calcium Chloride should produce around 10 KG of pearls.

About Spherification
Spherification is the culinary process of shaping a liquid into spheres that visually and texturally resemble caviar or roe. With the Spherificator, you will be able to shape almost any item in your kitchen into a pearl. Whether using raw ingredients or commercially available products, the rule of thumb in spherification is to avoid citric acids and ingredients with high acidity levels until you become more comfortable. If a product is highly acidic such as tomatoes, lemon juice, or hot sauce, you can dilute the original product to cut the acidity and add another powder called sodium citrate to neutralize it. Every Spherificator comes with a recipe and quick tip booklet to help get you started with 18 tried-and-true recipes.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Automatic Spherification Tool

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We run a small company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which manufactures a seaweed based caviar substitute called Kelp Caviar. The manufacturing basis of this product line is the same as the one used by chefs all over the world in the process of Spherification, where Alginate, a seaweed extract, is mixed with Calcium to form a caviar, or pearl-like shape. For years, chefs, foodies, bakers, bartenders and home cooks have been asking us to find a way to down size our caviar substitute-making machine for household and professional use. After months of R&D, we are ready to introduce to the world the only pearl and caviar handheld forming device: the IMPERIAL SPHERIFICATOR.

What makes your product special?

The world's only automatic caviar & pearl making device

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

This fits your .
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  • Turn food into caviar shaped pearls
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very light and silent
  • 2 Nozzle sizes, holds up to 200 mL capacity
  • Requires electricity – 110V power plug included