Foldio360 Smart Dome | All-in-one Smart Photo Studio Lightning Dome 360 Turntable with Built-in LED Light | Smartphone Controlled LED Light and Turntable | Auto Shooting 360 Degree Images

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About this item

  • 12" Studio
  • Customizable Color Temperature
  • Detachable Covers to Minimize Reflections
  • Fast and simple setup
Rediscover Quality. Shoot studio quality 360 interactive visuals anywhere. Structure. We've broken away from tradition. No edges. More shooting space. Our Foldio360 Smart Dome Was designed for reflective items and small products that are difficult to shoot in traditional studio. Design. Intuitive design for all. The simplicity of photography has been redesigned for everyone. The Foldio360 Smart Dome was engineered to shoot studio quality 360 interactive images anywhere. Wherever you are, regardless of the lighting - everything you need is built inside the studio. Compatible With your smartphone, PC, or DSLR Customizable Settings. Adjust to your product. Reduce Reflections By blocking outside light and shoot from multiple angles with our interchangeable magnetic covers. Adjust brightness & color temperature With your smartphone or PC. Functionality. Built for the busy. Built-in 360 turntable That reduces your shoot time. Shoot automatic 360 product Photography with just one click. The center position indicator Helps you perfectly position your product every time. Sample Photos Studio quality 360 Degree visuals.