DJI Mic – Wireless Microphone System for Smartphones, Cameras, Laptops, Compact and Portable Wireless Mic Lavalier with Dual-Channel Recording, 250 Meter Transmission Range, 15-Hour Battery Life

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DJI's wireless microphone system delivers exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at long-range distances. The mic system consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver, and an ultra-compact charging case. Connect with your phone, camera, or DJI Action 2 and record crystal-clear audio as you vlog, sing a duet, or describe a local delicacy.


Safety Track

A secondary audio track is recorded as a backup with a volume of -6 dB. This helps to safeguard your audio should the loss of sound be caused by problems such as overexposure.

Multi-level Gain Control

Adjust input and output sensitivity between -12dB ~ 12dB and find the perfect setting for your surrounding.

Microphone Windscreen

Effectively suppresses wind and noisy environments while still recording clear sound.

Install on Hot and Cold Shoes

Attach the wireless mic receiver to your DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, or smartphone bracket and capture flawless footage to match the audio.

In the Box

DJI Mic Receiver ×1 DJI Mic Transmitter ×2 DJI Mic Charging Case ×1 DJI Mic Camera Audio Cable (3.5mm TRS) ×1 DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter (Type-C) ×1 DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter (Lightning) ×1 DJI Mic Windscreen ×2 DJI Mic Clip Magnet ×2 DJI Mic Carrying Pouch ×1 DJI Mic Hot Shoe Adapter ×1 Charging Cable ×1 Instruction Manual ×1 Notes 1. Tested in an obstruction-free outdoor environment. 2. Once information (such as DJI account and product’s serial number) is registered on the DJI’s official website, additional one year warranty will be provided.

About this item

  • Record Multiple Sources - The wireless microphone system includes two transmitters that support omnidirectional audio. This makes it the ideal mic pack for multi-person interviews and small studio operations.
  • Sharp Audio at Distance - Enjoy clear and reliable audio, even in complex scenarios. A powerful wireless 250 m transmission keeps audio stable while reducing sound delay, even at long distances.
  • Compact and Portable - Weighing less than 30 grams, DJI Mic takes up next to no space in your camera bag or backpack. Conveniently attach a wireless lavalier mic to your sweatshirt or guitar via the convenient back-clip or by using the clip magnet.
  • Vastly Compatible - The DJI Mic receiver supports USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS interface output, making it compatible with mainstream smartphone, camera, and laptop models.
  • All-Day Recording - Get a full day of audio recording with DJI Mic. Enjoy 5.5 hours of battery life from the transmitters, 5 hours from the receiver, and up to 15 hours with the charging case.